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We continue to move forward

The Journey
Asin at Paminta has been a great outlet for the creative side of me. About a year ago, I decided to create this blog to allow me to share my experiences, thoughts and creativity to all of you. The truth is, I wanted this site to be a restaurant review site but as you might have known, it evolved into something else.

I am very thankful for everything that this blog taught me. Most importantly, I appreciate all your comments that helped me a lot with my photography. Not only did it give me a great insight on what you guys think but it really motivated me to improve and do hard work with my craft. Because of this I decided to create This will be my new porfolio/photoblog site. The truth is I really don’t know what it is going to be yet but, just like this blog, I look forward to whatever happens to it. And hopefully you support it as much as you support this one. This doesn’t mean goodbye to Asin at Paminta but unfortunately I don’t know what to do with this site yet and I will be updating my new site more than this one. Maybe I really make this a restaurant review site. Who knows. We’ll just see how it goes.  Again, thank you very much for all your support!

Follow your Star

It’s almost Christmas. As we journey through this season of giving, I give you this friendly reminder; follow your star but be mindful of where it ends. All of us has a unique star to follow but it all points to the same destination. Also, just like the three kings, we must remember that we never travel alone. We have our friends and family to ride beside us through the scorching desert and the cold winter nights that we may come across. And of course, we have the star to guide us and lead us to the right direction. But after all the ups and downs of this journey, remember that the star leads us to the reason we celebrate Christmas. No matter what path we take, or how we get there, it ends in the same place. So enjoy this joyous season but remember why we celebrate. Merry Christmas! 🙂

Our Christmas Tree is Up

21 more days before Christmas and our tree is up. Here are some of my photos from our tree. I am in love with macro…

Light a Candle

“Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”

Despite all the darkness in the world, one must never forget that there is a Light that can never be extinguished. No matter how low you are in your life, hold on to God, the light that shows the way we need to follow.

This is my candle offering, for all the victims of natural disasters and the massacre in the Philippines. May God be your Light in this very dark moment. Also, I share this candle to everyone who are in the middle of any crisis. May you find peace in your sufferings.

Sing and Dance


Joy Nacario’s Debut.

It was a JOYful night. Definitely a night to remember.





It was my nephew’s day. He was so excited to go to legoland and pick up a lego of his choice. Jake definitely had a lot of fun that day but I think his uncle had a lot of fun too. I can even go as far as his uncle was jealous because he didn’t buy his own lego. hahahah! His uncle took a lot of pictures so I guess he left legoland with a smile on his face even though he didn’t leave with any lego.

Lego was my brother’s collection back in the Philippines. I think that explains why after buying one lego box, we had to go back and buy 3 more for his son Jake. His wife was mad for spoiling his son. hahaha! For a second there it seemed that he was really buying the lego for himself. hahaha!!! Never the less we all had a lot of fun. Enjoy my macro lego moments.




Mini Converse