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Angono Rooftop

angono powerline01This is the current view from the rooftop of my Grandmother’s house. It used to be a lot different when I was younger. Back then, we used to go up here all the time to watch the Angono fiestas and pick fruit from the neighbor’s santol tree. The roof was made of  steel and plastic(for skylight). We would always be scared of stepping on to the plastic roof  because of the “incident” with kuya mel. My cousins would know what I am talking about.  hahahaha!!!

angono roof01
I remember running around here and the roof would screech so loud that “Inang” (my grandma) would be so mad at us. Now that my cousins and I are A LOT BIGGER, this roof would collapse if all of us would even try to climb up here at once, never mind walking or running around.

angono roof entrance01Above is the entrance to the rooftop. I believe everyone has a great memory of this roof. It goes way back to my mom’s early years. She would tell us stories about how she used to sneak out at night, climb down the roof and go to her parties.

Now, no one goes up the rooftop for fun anymore. Tita Bebe, Inang and Sangko would go up once in a while to hang their laundry and that’s it. I miss the old times. I miss the carelessness of my childhood.  I miss the joy rooftop brings.